psychedelic-circus, 30 May – 2 June 2019
Glaisin, Germany


Psychedelic Circus Open Air Festival blurs the distinction between fact and fiction inside its dream-like world of music and circus
Bizarre and eccentric, the festival’s lineup flirts from psytrance to acid house, acid techno and psypop, all the while dotting its site with all kinds of fun and games.
Encouraging festival-goers to leave their perceptions and judgement at the gate, Psychedelic Circus is all about losing your senses and embracing its adventure playground, filled with color and energy.

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Ein Zelt

Chill & Lay Back

Ein Zelt & Isomatte

Chill With Style

Ein Zelt & Isomatte & Schlafsak

Extra Chill

Zelt & Sthul

Extra Lay back

Ein Zelt & Isomatte & Sthul

Extra Style

Zelt & Isomatte & Schlafsak & Sthul

Maximum packages meaning maximum comfort. The tents are setup and dismantle by Utopia team.The area where the tents are located  is fenced and, close to the entrance. 

Maximum Chill 

Voller Auf- und Abbau-Service.

Maximum Lay back

Voller Auf- und Abbau-Service.

Maximum Style

Voller Auf- und Abbau-Service.