Wähle dein Festival und deine Ausrüstung, komm vorbei und die Party kann losgehen

zelt vermieten rent a tent utopia camping festivals

Hai in den Mai Festival

Taubertal Festival

Feel Festival

ForRest Explosion Festival

Antaris Festival

Psychedelic Experience Festival

Psychedelic Circus Festival

MELT Festival

Ikarus Festival

Roskilde Festival

zelt vermieten rent a tent utopia camping festivals

Klangtherapie Festival

Indian Spirit Festival

Full Force Festival

Wonder Land Festival

Splash! Festival

Boom Festival

Antaris Festival


Alon and his tent renting service is a dream !!!
Nikos Katsaounis, Greece
We can’t overstate how much easier it was getting to a festival without dragging a ton of camping gear across Europe.
Matt & Claire, Australia

Myself (David Sheehan) & Sarah have been using Alon and his wonderful partner & crew for a good few years @ festivals like Psy Circus & Indian Spirit.
Alon has always gone above and beyond to help us in whatever we needed for our amazing weekends.
Always there if you need anything and is a very kind and caring person,
I would highly recommend using Utopia Camping as you will not be disappointed.

DJ Altered State, UK

I booked a tent for Lost Theory festival in Croatia with Alon and the whole process was fast, friendly and easy.

Dave, USA
I’m saving money and energy to go to more festivals and I know when I go no pass no heavy bags no more forgetting things at home!!!!! Love u Alon and thank u utopia camping !!!!!!!
Karin Koren, Israel

We came to Ozora, first flying from California to Sweden for a visit and then to Hungary. All this with a baby. So when we heard about Utopia camping we thought it was an excellent idea. We rented a big tent and some other small stuff, chairs etc. and were very pleased with it!

Karoline Karttunen, USA

I traveled to Ozora all the way from Canada, and Alon made the festival experience amazing and I didn’t have to worry about a thing.

Michael, Canada
I can say the service was great, the tarp and lights were just what i needed. Thanks very much. Peace
Tim, Australia
If you want a great festival experience without the troubles of bringing all your own equipment, look no further than Utopia Camping.
Bitina, Germany
I recommend Alon to anybody looking to rent equipment so they can travel light to the festivals.
Peter, UK
Thank you Utopia Camping! We will definitely use their service again in the future. It is a very clever idea
Cristina, Germany
With great communications at all times, I arrived at the festival and the tent was waiting for me, it was almost like new, and very easy to put up.
Maja, Japen