Hai in den Mai, 2 May – 5 May 2019

We want you to travel light and focus on what you came for: having a great party. That’s why we rent out wide-ranging camping gear at Hai in den Mai  festival: tents, camping chairs, sleeping bags, camping mats, fleece blankets, towels, gas cookers, tent lights – you name it!

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Now, choose the gear and come to party …


A Tent

Chill & Lay Back

Tent & Iso matte

Chill With Style

Tent & Isomatte & Sleeping bags

Extra Chill

Tent & Chair

Extra Lay back

Tent & Isomatte & Chair

Extra Style

Tent & Isomatte & Sleeping  & Chair

Utopia Village

Its a chosen location close to the entrance of the festival, its where you and other costumers of Utopia village are enjoying the service of pre-pitch tents in a private location.
So if you ask for extra comfort and more party, choose one of the following packages and be hassle free!

Maximum Chill

Full setup and dismantling service.

Maximum Lay Back

Full setup and dismantling service.

Maximum Style

Full setup and dismantling service.

Tipi Tent

Utopia Sleep

Cooking Gear