Hai in den Mai, 2 May – 5 May 2019
Bergstraße 32, 32351 Stemwede – Wehdem, Germany

Waldfrieden Psy Club,Main Floor: Outdoor Psychedelic, Progressive Floor, Backyard Floor: Outdoor Alternative-Electro  Techno Floor, Hill Top Floor: Outdoor Forest , Hitech-Floor!, Healing Area, Chill Out Area, Market Area, Organic Food Area, Fire Space, Performer Stage, Camping Area
No entry before Thursday 2 pm. Camping is possible until 11 am on Monday!
On Thursday at 7 pm the warm-up party starts on the backyard, shortly after it also starts on the Hill Top Floor. The Main Floor will open on Friday at 6 pm!

On Sunday at 8 pm the party on the Main Floor will be over, after that it continues on the other floors until the early morning hours.

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Now, choose the gear and come to party …


A Tent

Chill & Lay Back

Tent & Iso matte

Chill With Style

Tent & Isomatte & Sleeping bags

Extra Chill

Tent & Chair

Extra Lay back

Tent & Isomatte & Chair

Extra Style

Tent & Isomatte & Sleeping  & Chair

Pre Pitch tents

Maximum packages meaning maximum comfort. The tents are setup and dismantle by Utopia team.The area where the tents are located  is chosen by us and just might be the best location in the camping ground. Close to the entrance with easy access to the facilities.

Maximum Chill

Full setup and dismantling service.

Maximum Lay Back

Full setup and dismantling service.

Maximum Style

Full setup and dismantling service.

Tipi Tent

Your Villa at Festival jungle.

Utopia Sleep

Cooking Gear