Festivals, Go Green!

With the European ban on plastic and other regulations in sight, music festivals in Europe need to come up with new solutions to effectively tackle their waste problem.

Utopia Camping offers sustainable solutions to reduce the environmental footprint of festivals. We focus on renting refurbished and second hand camping equipment to festivals and their visitors. Our main business is the collecting and restoring left behind camping equipment and returning it to the product life cycle:

  • We rent out a wide range of high quality refurbished & second hand camping equipment, which we have collected at festivals since 2012.
  • Together with our partners, we can accommodate up to 4,000 people
  • We have numerous products and services, from DIY solutions to luxurious Glamping options like tipis, furnished wooden cabins and domes.

So, instead of buying a tent and then leaving it behind as trash, visitors can rent everything through our online booking system. For those who need things unexpectedly, we also have an on-site solution: An on-site camping shop that rents out and sells many camping products directly at the festival. We also have a repair station to fix broken gear such as air mattresses or camping chairs on the spot.

We Are Your Partner

We actively support festival organizers by creating sustainable solutions fitting their specific needs and managing all necessary steps to implement these solutions at minimum costs. Our work includes:

Strategic planning & consultation:

  • Prior consultation and planning directly with the festival organizers
  • Co-planning the Glamping area to suit the festival’s and visitors’ needs

Operational management:

  • Managing the logistics and operations in front of the relevant parties
  • Setting up a team from our own staff, volunteers, the organization and visitors

Customer service:

  • An online booking system where visitors can rent refurbished camping gear
  • A professional team to manage the Glamping area and the camping shop

Waste reduction & transport:

  • Collecting abandoned camping equipment, clothes, and everything else that can be reused
  • Setting up a sorting station to collect raw materials for downcycling projects
  • Transportation of the equipment and materials to our own warehouse and manufactures


  • Raising awareness among visitors and establishing a recycling culture
  • Giving incentives to visitors and volunteers to help us collecting left-behind camping equipment and don’t throw theirs if no longer needed

What Are The Benefits?

We believe to have found a unique solution to the waste problem at festivals. Our solutions are cost-effective, sustainable, and benefit festivals in a number of ways. We:

  • Help festivals to meet the requirements of new legislation and reduce their environmental footprint
  • Are a reliable partner that believes less trash is possible and is ready to tackle the issue in multiple ways
  • We take care of accommodation in tents, Glamping areas, an on-site camping shop, handling the removal of trash, operating teams and manpower
  • Have years of experience in collecting, sorting, repairing left-behind camping equipment at festivals
  • Are passionate and always eager to learn, innovate, and achieve more

Are you ready to go green? Implementing sustainable solutions at your festivals is a great boost for your publicity, attracts more visitors, reduces the waste and most importantly, benefits nature and helps saving our planet!

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