Sleeping bag


Size: comfortable sleeping bag for 1 adult
Hygiene: The sleeping bags are cleaned after each use

  • Keep the sleeping bag clean and dry.
  • Please do not wear muddy clothes in your sleeping bag
  • Remove your shoes before use

Please remember that we rent second-hand equipment. Our sleeping bags, therefore, differ in style and form.

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Why Renting A Second Hand Equipment Makes A Difference
When you decide to rent camping equipment from us, you also contribute to our cause in three ways:
First of all, you give meaning to a product that almost ended up as trash for no reason.
Second, you set an example by renting a used tent instead of buying a new one and throwing it away.
And last, but certainly not least, you help reduce the environmental pollution that is slowly destroying our planet.
Your choice has economic, social and environmental long-term effects:

  • Mass production of camping equipment goes down
  • Natural resources are saved
  • Harmful emissions from factories and transportation to retailers are reduced
  • Product quality and working conditions of factory workers are improved
  • Trash mountains get smaller
  • Emissions from shipping and burning trash are cut
  • Oceans and rivers get less polluted
  • Environmental awareness grows


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