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Tent for Roskilde Festival


Please remember that we rent refurbished and second-hand equipment, therefore, the item might be in different color or shapes (depending on what we have in stock). However, you can be sure that the size and quality match the description.
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DIY, pre pitched

Accessories for Roskilde Festival


Remember we rent out second-hand equipment, so the item can come in various types or shapes. (depending on what we have in stock)

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Camping sleeping bag 24,00

7 in stock


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LED lantern for camping 10,00
Single Gas Stove camping 12,00
Read more LED head lamp for camping 8,00

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Towels for camping 7,00

9 in stock

Fleece blanket for camping 10,00
Read more zelt vermieten rent a tent utopia camping festivals 15,50

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