Terms and Conditions


Utopia Camping Solutions (“Utopia Camping” or “we”) provides you (a

user of the our Internet site and/or client is referred to hereinafter as

“you”) everything you need for camping at festivals. We provide delivery

services of camping equipment to many of the largest festivals in Europe.

On our online shop (available at http://localhost/utopnow/en/ and

referred to hereinafter as the “Website”) you can rent or buy lots of

equipment you might need.

These Terms and Conditions (“T&C”) apply to your use of the Website

and to rental or sale of equipment and related services we provide.


1. The Service

You may order equipment and services at the latest five (5) days prior to

the first day of the scheduled Rental Period (as defined below).

After placing an order and receiving confirmation per email, we will meet

you on site for you to pick up and return the equipment you have ordered.

If you need any special arrangement regarding delivery or otherwise,

please email us your request to alon@utopia-camping.com and we will

make best efforts to meet your requirements.

We will provide you the equipment in a clean and working condition. It is

always a good idea to check the equipment as you pick it up and to tell us

if there is anything missing. Upon handing over the equipment to you, we

will ask you to sign a confirmation regarding complete and satisfactory


We will keep the equipment for you up to 24 hours after the time of

delivery as stated in the order. In case you still do not pick up, we reserve

the right to release the items you ordered, unless you have notified us at

least 24 hours before the scheduled delivery time and upon our

confirmation in writing regarding agreed place and time of delivery.

We expect you to return the equipment at a time and place specified in

the order or in follow-up communications (usually it is the same meeting

point where you picked it up) and in the same condition as received, less

normal wear-and- tear. The return must be made personally by you as the

person whose name is indicates in the order documentation, unless

otherwise agreed between the parties and upon approval by Utopia

Camping in writing.

Rental prices are calculated according to the number of nights of the

festival/event (“Rental Period”) and the value of the rented equipment.

Rental prices may vary between festivals/events while taking into account

travel distance, staffing needs and other cost factors.

The scope of services and prices is determined according to the details

provided over the Website and subject to special terms and discounts at

the discretion of Utopia Camping for an individual order and as confirmed

by us writing.


2. Handling the Rental Equipment

All rental equipment remains the property of Utopia Camping. You are

responsible for handling and using the equipment correctly and according

to use instructions we provide.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all tents, as well as generating any open

flame at a range of less than 3 meter from tents or other flammable


Any adjustments to the rental property beyond the use instructions and

manufactured design are prohibited. Any costs related to restoring

equipment to its original condition shall be borne by you.

You will be held liable for damages caused by improper use, fire, severe

dirt, and negligence, failure to secure equipment against theft and loss

and any other damage beyond normal wear-and- tear. However, we will

not hold you liable for damages caused by an Act of God, such as severe

weather conditions.

You should inspect the equipment upon delivery for making sure it is

complete and in good condition. Failure to inspect shall be deemed as

your confirmation of a proper and complete delivery of all items included

in your order. We do not accept complains regarding the condition of the

equipment subsequent to delivery and the first opportunity to inspect.


3. Payment

Our online shop allows you to make payment via PayPal, credit card (via

PayPal) or bank transfer. The basic rental price of each item is displayed

on the Website next to the item’s description and an illustration photo.

The person who places the order (you) may mention other persons while

filling out the order form, but you remain solely responsible for complying

with the terms of the order and these T&Cs (together, the “Agreement”).

In order for us to be able to perform the services, payment via bank

transfer must be received at our bank account no later than fourteen (14)

calendar days after placing the order, and no less than five (5) business

days prior to the first day of the Rental Period.

Payment for Utopia-Camping rentals does not cover any entrance fees,

camping fees or parking fees as required by the festival/event

management. You are responsible for arranging your access to the site

and for paying all related fees to third parties separately.


4. Deposit

We will ask you to leave with us a deposit that we calculate based on the

total order amount. You may pay the deposit over the Website or in cash

on site, and we will return the deposit amount to you in the same way it

was paid. Deposit amounts are calculated according to the following


Order (total

in €)

O≤25 26<O≤50 51<O≤100 101<O≤180 181<O≤280 281<O

 Deposit (in


 15 40  80 120 180 250


We will return the full deposit amount to you at the end of the Rental

Period, provided, however, that you return all items timely and in proper

condition. If paid by you per credit card, bank transfer or PayPal, we will

transfer that deposit back to your account within fourteen (14) business

days after the end of the Rental Period. In case you paid the deposit in

cash, it will be returned to you on site as you bring back the equipment

after checking its condition.

In case of damage to the equipment you return or loss of equipment, we

will deduct the applicable amount from the deposit according to the type

of damage and the value of the damaged item/s. Deduction may range

between 30% to 100% of the value of the damaged/lost item or the

deposit amount, whichever is greater. If the deposit amount does not

cover the damage to our property, we reserve the right to claim the

difference from you.

In case of deduction, we will notify you per email and on site (if feasible)

while providing you with the details and the calculation of deduction. In

case you do not dispute the deduction in writing within seven (7) days of

notice, this will be considered as your consent to the deduction as

calculated by us without reservations.


5. Cancelations and Refunds Policy

You may cancel your order at any time prior to the beginning of the Rental

Period, whereupon we will apply our refund schedule, as follows:


received (in days

prior to scheduled


C≥14 14>C≥7 7>C≥3 C>3
Refund (in %) 100 50 20 0


To cancel your order, you must notify us as early as possible, preferably

by email. The cancelation is considered as received upon Utopia Camping

sending you a written confirmation per email stating the acceptance of

cancellation and the applicable cancellation date (date in which we receive

your notification).

Any bank charges, transfer fees or currency conversion costs will be borne

by you in case of cancellation. We will deduct such fees from the refunded


We generally do not refund for cancellation due to cancellation of the

event/festival by its organizers, inasmuch as notification of cancellation is

not received and confirmed by us fourteen (14) days or earlier before the

first day of the Rental Period. However, Utopia Camping may, at it sole

discretion, partly refund you in case of event cancellation received later at

a rate of up to 50% of the payment already extended by you.

We reserve the right to cancel the order for any reason and for no reason

within a fourteen (14) calendar days’ notice per email from first day of the

Rental Period. In such case, we will refund you with all payments made by

you in full.


6. Disclaimer

Utopia Camping hereby disclaims any and all explicit and implicit warranty

and representation with respect to the equipment and the service to the

maximum degree permissible under the applicable law. We specifically

disclaim any and all liability related to your use of the equipment.

All the images on the Website are for propose of illustration only. We do

not guarantee that the supplied equipment will be the same or identical in

all respects to the items depicted on the Website.


7. Limitation of Liability

Utopia Camping assumes no liability for direct and indirect damages to

you as a result of using the equipment to the maximum degree allowed

under the applicable law, with the exception of an intentional misconduct

and gross negligence, as well as personal injury or death.

Utopia Camping shall not be held liable for any loss or damage to personal

property stored by you or any other person within/on the rental

equipment. This includes items inside tents, on tables, in campsite areas

or in the Utopia Camping shop location.

Utopia Camping is not liable for any direct or indirect damages in cases of

events not within its knowledge and/or control, including actions by third

parties and force majeure such as weather conditions, natural disasters,

political instability, wars or terror attacks.


8. Terms of Use for the Website

By using our Website, you hereby agree to the terms of use specified in

this section.

We reserve the right to make changes to the content of the Website at

any time in accordance with changing conditions and needs, including

periodical update, news and reports.

The content published on the Website, specifically texts and images, is

subject to copyright laws and ancillary rights. You may not use the

content subject to copyright without securing the prior written consent of

Utopia Camping, unless such use is privileged under the applicable law.

This use restriction applies in particular to reproduction, adaptation,

translation, storage and processing of contents in any media and by using

any technology.

The Website may link to other websites operated by third parties. We are

not responsible or liable in any way for contents displayed on third party’s



9. Miscellaneous

These T&amp;Cs and the content of the order constitute the entire Agreement

between the you and Utopia Camping. Any additional or conflicting terms

are not part of the Agreement and are not binding unless done in a

written document that is signed by the parties.

We reserve the right to amend or modify these T&amp;Cs at any time and in

accordance with the applicable law. The modified terms will be posted on

the Website and become effective as of the time of publication. In case

you do not dispute the amended or modified terms within fourteen (14)

days of publication, you are deemed to have accepted the modified terms.

We hope you will enjoy our equipment and services and hope to see you

soon at the next festival!

Utopia Camping Solutions