Utopia’s Rent A Tent Services

Do you remember your last festival? You spent hours looking for your old tent and sleeping bag. And when you finally arrived at the campsite, desperately longing for a chiropractor to fix your back, you realized you forgot the tent poles at home.

Renting camping equipment on the spot takes away all the stress you used to have. You can make your life easy, travel light and don’t worry about a thing. Especially after the festival, when taking all your stuff back home seems like an impossible thing to do and you’re tempted to leave it behind.

Our Rent A Tent Services: 

Do-It-Yourself Style – Order now
For those who enjoy the fun of pitching a tent and setting up camp themselves (along with saving money), we offer a Do-It-Yourself solution. After booking the equipment online, you will pick up your order at our on-site festival camping shop. You will set up and take down the tent at the campsite wherever and whenever you want. After the last act has played and it’s time to head home, you will return the equipment to us at the same location.

Glamping Style – Order now
Do you fancy a truly luxurious camping experience? Nothing easier than that! Our stock includes large-sized nylon tents, canvas bell tents, wooden cabins, tipis and more. Each of the options comes with a wide range of furniture to choose from: solid camping beds, real size mattresses, bed sheets and pillows, sleeping bags, fleece blankets, bedside tables, tent lights, camping chairs, LED lights and more.

And of course, you will not have to lift a finger for that, it’s already set up for you! Our luxury tents are pitched in designated areas, which are usually located near the festival entrance and the sanitary facilities. The Glamping area is separated from the other campsites, which gives you a little extra space, quiet, and safety. Depending on the festival, the area will even be fenced and guarded.

On top of that, we set up a reception area where our customers can enjoy tea and coffee and charge their phones 24/7. The Utopia team will be available and happy to give you a hand if needed.

Need A Tent For An Event We’re Not At? – Order now
We wish we could take part in every festival of the season. But, with thousands and thousands of festivals per year, we can’t. That’s why you might not find your favorite festival in our list of events.

But don’t worry! If you live near Berlin or pass through on your way to the festival, you can pick up your camping equipment from us. Write us a message if you want to know more!

What You Can Rent From Us?

At Utopia Camping, you can rent everything you need in order to have the most comfortable camping experience.
Our accommodation options vary from regular 1-4 person tents to tipis, wooden cabins and more. Additionally, we have a variety of camping accessories to choose from that will boost the homey feeling of your tent: camping mats, sleeping bags, camping chairs, bedside tables, pillows, fleece blankets, towels, gas cookers, cartridges – you name it!

Check out all our products here! And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just send us an email and let us know what you’re missing.

Why Renting A Second-Hand Tent Makes A Difference

When you decide to rent camping equipment from us, you also contribute to our cause in three ways:
First of all, you give meaning to a product that almost ended up as trash for no reason. Second, you set an example by renting a used tent instead of buying a new one and throwing it away. And last, but certainly not least, you help reduce the environmental pollution that is slowly destroying our planet.

Your choice has economic, social and environmental long-term effects:

  • Mass production of camping equipment goes down
  • Natural resources are saved
  • Harmful emissions from factories and transportation to retailers are reduced
  • Product quality and working conditions of factory workers are improved
  • Trash mountains get smaller
  • Emissions from shipping and burning trash are cut
  • Oceans and rivers get less polluted
  • Environmental awareness grows

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