Who We Are

How it all began

Utopia Camping Solutions was founded in 2012 with the idea to make camping at festivals easier and more ecological. Founder Alon Elhanaty knows from personal experience how much hassle it is to carry all the camping gear you need to fully enjoy a festival. Among all the food, drinks and clothes shops, there was none to offer camping equipment – despite the amounts of people who camp at festivals every year. With Utopia Camping Solutions, this need was turned into an opportunity.


Utopia Camping now

Today, Utopia Camping Solutions rent out a wide range of camping equipment at festivals around Europe. Our customers can easily book the gear they need through our online reservation system. We have a big warehouse in Berlin from which we bring all the necessary gear to the festivals and deliver it to our customers on-site. Meeting the people and helping them in any possible way with their camping gear is what we enjoy most. We are continuously trying to improve our business to provide even better services and make life at festivals more sustainable.


What we do

We offer second-hand gear
Almost all our equipment comes from second-hand. We keep a stock of all the gear you need so you don’t have to buy anything for single use.
**For our pre-pitch service, we we use Special ( Siblly) tents.

We care for our gear
We sew, wash, repair and match everything to offer you the best quality possible. When you take good care of the rented gear you can help us reusing it for many years to come.

We collect what’s left
Utopia Camping has a team to scour festival grounds and rescue left behind items. If you need extra cash, you can help us collect!

We buy and trade
If, after a festival, you don’t need your own gear anymore, we will buy reusable items from you or trade them.

We think of the environment
Utopia Camping repairs, cleans, and packages gear using as many recycled and eco-friendly products as possible. We support social initiatives by donating gear we don’t use anymore to those in need. Material no longer matching our standards will be given to factories or local businesses for reuse.

Learn more about our flagship project “Reducing the Environmental Footprint of Festivals” in the tab “Why we recycle”.