Make sustainable changes in your event

As an event organizer, you have the responsibility and opportunity to set an example and show that you care and are taking action to keep the event sustainable.

Festival visitors should know that it’s not all about partying and having a good time, but that there is a personal and collective responsibility to keep our surroundings healthy so we can enjoy them time after time.

As log-time and enthusiastic festival-goers, we’ve seen the mountains of trash left behind on the campgrounds. We have also spotted the potential in them.

Today, following the circle economy model guidelines, Utopia is a company that reuses camping equipment to the max. We actively support festival organizers by creating long-lasting sustainable solutions that fit their specific needs and by managing all the necessary steps to implement these solutions at minimum cost, optimizing space, removing left behind camping equipment, and providing additional options for visitors to rent rather than buy equipment, together creating a circular economy that benefits all sides in all directions.

Let’s talk we would love to hear your concerns and wishes, create customized solutions for your event and visitors.

Our Services Include:

  1. Strategic planning and consultation:
  • Pre-consultation and planning on how to manage the left-behind camping equipment.
  • Co-planning the Glamping area to suit the festival’s and visitors’ needs.
  1. Operational management:
  • Managing logistics and operations before relevant parties.
  • Setting up a team to implement and maintain working logistics and operations.
  1. Customer service:
  • An online booking system where visitors can rent refurbished camping gear.
  • A professional team to manage the Glamping area and the camping shop.
  1. Waste reduction and transport:
  • Collect abandoned camping equipment, clothing, and anything that can be reused.
  • Setting up a sorting station to collect raw materials for downcycling projects.
  • Transportation of equipment and materials to our own warehouse and manufacturers.
  1. Campaigning:
  • Raising visitors’ awareness and establishing a recycling culture.
  • Encouraging visitors and volunteers to help us collect left-behind camping equipment and don’t throw theirs away if no longer needed.

What Are The Benefits?

We believe we have found a unique solution to the problem of waste at festivals. Our solutions are cost-effective, sustainable, and benefit festivals in several ways.


  • Help festivals meet the requirements of new legislation and reduce their environmental footprint.
  • Are a reliable partner who believes less trash is possible, and are ready to tackle the issue in multiple ways.
  • Take care of short-term accommodation during the event, glamping areas, an on-site camping shop, handling the removal of camping equipment, operating teams, and manpower.
  • Have experience in collecting, sorting, and repairing camping equipment left-behind at festivals.
  • Are passionate and always eager to learn, innovate, and achieve more.

Are you ready to make the move to create a greener festival?
Implementing sustainable solutions at your festivals is a great boost to your publicity, attracts more visitors, reduces waste and, most importantly, benefits nature and helps save our planet! If you find in any of the following services something you want for your event, write to us: