Join The Tribe

Our goal is to reduce the environmental footprint of festivals. The more we are, the more we achieve. How can you help? There are different ways of joining us in our mission:

Set up, pre and post festival

If you love using your hands and creating things, you can join our team and build up tents for our pre-pitch service. The work is done before and after the festival so you have much time to enjoy the festival.
Arrive the festival a few days before the official start, build up our camping shop and pitch pre-ordered tents for our guests. At the end of the festival, take down everything and start gathering the abandoned camping equipment from the campsite.

You and your friends can help us with that! You don’t need any special skills, but you should enjoy the outdoors, meet new people from all over the world, and if you enjoy festivals it’s a win win.

Our On-Site Camping Shop Team

Next to our online shop, we also have an on-site camping store that rents out camping equipment and sells practical items and hygiene products and snacks. Being a shopkeeper means that you will provide service the shop, manage sales, serve customers, restock supplies, meet many new people enjoy a cool vibrant working environment and much more.

You are communicative, highly organized and have a hands-on mentality? Then help us delivering the best possible service to our guests at the festival!
Join us at Utopia camping shop!

Create New Things, Wherever You Are

Most of the camping gear we collect can be reused at the next festival. But what do we do with the things that can’t be repaired? We want to upcycle the materials, create new products and sell them in our camping shop – and for this, we can use your help!
If you are a creative mind, enjoy arts and crafts, and know how to reuse things, please contact us!

Masters of ideas

You have a sharp mind and think outside the box when it comes to green solutions? We are happy to learn more about your ideas!
We are constantly on the move to improve and extend our knowledge of how we can work with festivals and events and help protect the environment. If you think you have a good idea/actual knowledge on how to… if you want to help us with the day-to-day things we have to do to keep going, then we would love to talk with you 🙂
Please drop us a note with as many details as possible.

Gatherers of equipment

You share our environmental concerns and want to support our flagship project? Take part of our gathering Tribe and help us gather left-over equipment at the end of the festival!