Meet the Tribe

Alon Elhanaty

Founder and CEO

I am passionate about sustainability and continually evolves the business to create sustainable solutions that make an environmental impact, and create an enjoyable festival experience.

Gilad Levy

Head of Business Development

I joined the team in 2018 after seeing the great positive impact Utopia Camping offers music festivals all over Europe. I understood right from the start that the growth of the company goes hand in hand with helping festivals reduce their ecological footprint. Moreover, a significant growth can be reached only upon aiming for significant sustainability goals, who will benefit the environment. Sustainability at heart, growth in mind.

The beautiful people which we could never done it with out them:
Ofek, Refael, Janis, Emanuel, Thu, Kitty, Assaf, Alex, Sejla, Jeani, and many many more

Our goal is to reduce the environmental footprint of festivals. The more we are the more we achieve. How can you help?
There are different ways of joining us in our mission:

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