On-site camping services

Having Utopia Camping shop at an event can help visitors who lost, forget or need more camping equipment, tents, sleeping bags and towels are a part of the items you find in our shop, together with additional camping accessories such small things that make camping life easier, some hygiene products to keep it clean, smoking accessories and snacks, one stop shop of what one needs.

Camping at festivals is fun, but it can be full of surprises. Sometimes, the weather changes unexpectedly. A toothbrush goes missing. Or a camping chair breaks. That’s why we set up an on-site camping shop and repair station to assist festival visitors with any issues they might have at the camp.

Things you can find at The Shop

We put our focus on things that are needed, having them available can change the camping experience and therefore the festival, each festival we learn from people what is needed and could have helped.

At our shop, you find camping equipment and accessories from tents to towels, flash light, batteries , together with hygiene products cause we all need shampoo and toothbrush , smoking accessories and snacks are things that when you need it then you need it :)

SOS Repair Service

Broken tent poles? Holes in an air mattress? Tear in a tent? Broken zipper? Don’t worry! Our skilled team can solve the problem quickly on-site. You might find yourself at a festival with a broken tent poles holes in an air mattress or need to glue your shoe sole. Don’t worry! Our skilled team can solve the problem quickly on-site.

Find this service useful want to have it in your event? Let’s talk