Festickets - Utopia CampingFesticket is an innovative website that packages together festival tickets with travel, accommodation and add-ons to create complete festival trips that can be booked in one click. We work with festivals as official partners so we can provide general admission and VIP tickets to some of the world’s greatest festivals. Then we add handpicked hotels, trusted transfer services and any extras to create festival packages that are completely hassle-free. Enjoy yourself and let us sort out the details.

Israel On Tour

Israel On Tour - Utopia CampingWe. Love music, live concerts, festivals and walking on the beach in the moonlight.
And while we’re flying all the best music events in the world, why should we not take you with us?
So what do we know to do best?
Music events, Performances, and concerts: We know to get the best tickets to all major music events in the world, to send the tickets to Israel so that you can feel them in your hands and wrap them in gift paper
Flights- We also trained travel agents, you don’t want to go to a festival by foot
Hotels: There’s a whole world of on.tor hotels. We met with the owners of the hotel, we checked the shower stream, we saw MTV television and drank all the beers from the minibar. We got up for breakfast but did not say she was legendary.
Transportation: Yes, just like in school. We we’ll take you around so you do not have use taxi
Goodies: You will not believe what will happen to you while on holiday. We know that you are not looking for an organized tour and be prepared to make the spice you need, but do not blame us if you are unable to refuse a tour of ice cream parlors, bars and rounds of champagne on a cruise ship, free of course.
So if you are in to zero worries zone, maximum fun and musical experience you will not forget until very late age, note that you are a few clicks away from doing it right.

Veggy Pirates

Veggy Pirates - Utopia Camping OUR STORY
It all began one rainy little festival in Germany.
Before 8 years we have arrived in Germany. Occasionally one friend of ours offered us to make a little catering kitchen at the festival. Through cold nights and rainy days of last days before the summer we served our great and delicious food. We were overwhelmed by so great feedback and interest of our cooking that we decided to keep serving good, healthy and delicious food to our guests at events and streets of Europe! Since than we gained a lot of experience, been a part of most amazing and biggest festivals of Europe and developed our vegan and vegetarian cuisine to make it even more tasty. Last two years we have been successful street vendors at the best “Street Food” events with our new vegan project “Vegan on Grill”. Few co-owners of our company have vast experience in catering and food industry and have a lot of passion in bringing great and tasty dishes to our guests. 
Our simple formula is love and passion behind what we are doing.


Psyclean - Utopia Camping This project is aiming to rid the world from garbage that is already on the ground, interact with people to be mindful about garbage they produce and find new ways to reduce the ecological impact of an open air event.