On-Site Camping Shop & Repair Station

Camping at festivals is fun, but it can be full of surprises. Sometimes, the weather changes unexpectedly. A toothbrush goes missing. Or a camping chair breaks. That’s why we set up an on-site camping shop and repair station to assist festival visitors with any issues they might have at the camp.

Things To Buy At The Camping Shop

At our shop, you can buy flashlights, tent pegs, batteries, tent locks, raincoats, super glue, toothbrushes, toilet paper, shampoo, hygiene gel, smoking accessories and much more.

Camping Equipment

We also have a stock of high quality refurbished second-hand camping equipment that can be rented on the spot. We rent out refurbished 1-4 person tents, camping mats, sleeping bags, blankets, tarps, camping chairs, tables, LED tent lights and gas cookers (if cooking is allowed).

Repair Station

We also want to assist you with other problems you might encounter, such as patching an air mattress, fixing a camping chair, or gluing a shoe sole. For this, we have a repair station with sewing kits, air pumps and other tools at our shop.

For more information, please contact us.