Why We Recycle

Reducing the Environmental Footprint of Festivals

Did you ever buy something just for a festival and then leave it behind? Did disposable goods seem more convenient to you? You are not the only one! Many people discard brand new gear without considering the impact on nature and their own wallet. We make it our mission to save those things from the trash bin and offer it for rent at festivals.

We recycle tents, sleeping bags and much more that can be found on the camping ground after a festival. Our equipment is well-tended and gets professionally cleaned and, if necessary, repaired after every festival. We also offer repair services on-site to help you fix your tent. This way we prolong the life cycle of products and reduce the environmental damage caused at festivals.

The gear might not be the prettiest, but it’s fully functioning and guaranteed waterproof. Make a difference at the next festival – with Utopia Camping Solutions!