Utopia’s Sustainable Solutions

Hey there! We are more than happy that you’ve made it to this page. Here we explain the heart of our business: sustainable solutions for festivals. Find out what we do, how we do it, and why we do it.

We Bring Sustainable Solutions To Your Festival

As former enthusiastic festival-goers, we’ve seen the mountains of trash left behind on the camping ground. We have also spotted the potential that lies within them. Today, we reuse abandoned camping equipment to provide cost-effective, sustainable solutions to reduce the environmental footprint of festivals.

How do we do that? We:

  • Collect abandoned camping equipment
  • Sort out what can and cannot be used again
  • Break down irreparable items into their components
  • Clean and repair the reusable camping equipment
  • Rent it out to festival visitors via our online shop
  • Sell and rent it out at our on-site camping shop
  • Upcycle materials to create new products
  • Donate part of our stock to those in need
  • Inform visitors of how to live and think in a sustainable way

What Do We Collect?

We collect items that are in good condition or need only minor fixing. We also accept camping equipment from festival visitors who do not want to return home with it. On top of this, we collect various materials that can be recycled, reused and returned to the product life cycle.

  • Camping equipment, such as tents, sleeping bags, and camping chairs
  • Materials, for example, different fabrics, different types of metal and fiberglass
  • Other items like clothes, shoes, hygiene products and bags

What Do We Do With It?

We believe that everything deserves a second chance. That’s why we have created solutions for every item, regardless of its state or condition:

Intact Camping Equipment
We rent out reusable camping equipment to festival visitors via our online and on-site camping shop. Our products range from tents, sleeping bags, camping chairs, gas cookers and more.

We support recycling and upcycling projects by providing various materials to artists. Nylon from tent covers can be used to create raincoats, wallets, bags, or even decorative elements for festival stages. Tent poles are great for jugglers and other circus artists.

Everyday Items
We sell hygiene products, flip flops and bags at our on-site festival camping shop and open a stall of second-hand clothes at flea markets in Berlin and other cities. As a rule, we donate 5% of the things we collect to the homeless, especially warm clothes, proper shoes, sleeping bags, blankets, and bags.

Sorting & Repairing Station

One way to reduce the mountains of abandoned camping equipment is to provide festival visitors an on-the-spot solution: a sorting and repairing station!

Repair station
Holes in air mattresses, loose screws in camping chairs or small rips in tent covers are no real reason to leave those things behind – provided, there are tools to fix it.

We build a repair station where festival visitors can find all the necessary tools to patch the hole of their air mattress or tighten that loose screw. Step-by-step instructions are provided and our team comes by regularly to offer help.

Sorting station
Everything can happen at festivals: heavy rainfalls, strong winds, vandalism, dancing on camping chairs. When camping equipment gets broken for good, it shouldn’t remain on the campsite. With our sorting station, visitors can bring the broken equipment, use tools to break it down into the components and throw the materials on the respective piles.

If you want to learn more about our story, our festival services and how we can help you get the most suitable sustainable solutions for your festival, click here: