Utopia’s sustainable solutions

Hi! How nice that you landed on our site. Here we explain what our company stands for: sustainable solutions for festivals. Find out what, how and why we do what we do.

We enrich your festival with sustainable solutions

As long-time festival-goers, we’ve seen one thing all too often: heaps of rubbish full of camping stuff. But we also discovered a lot of potential in it. Today, we reuse abandoned camping gear to provide cost-effective, sustainable solutions and reduce the environmental footprint of festivals.

How do we do it:

  • Collect abandoned camping gear at festivals
  • Separate what can and cannot be reused
  • Dismantle what cannot be repaired and pick up materials and components
  • Clean and repair reusable equipment
  • Rent them out to visitors via our online shop
  • Sell ​​and rent them out in our on-site camping shop
  • Use materials and components for upcycling projects
  • Donate a portion of our inventory to those in need
  • Give visitors incentives and ideas for a more sustainable life

What are we collecting?

We rescue camping equipment that is in good condition or only slightly damaged. We are also happy to accept equipment from visitors who do not wish to take it back home. In addition, we collect a wide variety of raw materials that can be recycled, reused and returned to the product cycle.

  • Camping equipment such as tents, sleeping bags and camping chairs
  • Materials such as fabrics, metals and fiberglass
  • Other useful things like clothes, shoes, hygiene products and bags

What we do with it

We believe everything deserves a second chance. That’s why we have a solution for every part, no matter what condition it is in:

Intact equipment

We rent out reusable camping gear to festival visitors via our online shop and directly on site. Our products range from tents, sleeping bags and camping chairs to gas cookers and much more


We support recycling and upcycling projects by supplying artists with various materials. Nylon from tent tarpaulins can be used for raincoats, purses, bags or even stage decorations. Tent poles are great for jugglers and other circus performers.

Everyday things

We sell hygiene products, flip flops and bags in our on-site camping shop and at flea markets in and around Berlin. We donate 5 percent of our inventory – mainly warm clothing, sturdy shoes, sleeping bags, blankets and bags – to the homeless.

Sorting point & repair station

In order to reduce the mountains of rubbish at festivals, visitors need a solution directly on site: a collection point and a workshop!

Repair station

A hole in the air mattress, a loose screw in the camping chair, a small tear in the tarpaulin: none of these are reasons to throw things in the garbage right away – provided there are tools to repair them.

We provide a repair station where visitors can find the tools they need to fix a leaky air mattress themselves or tighten a screw. Step-by-step instructions are available, and our helpful staff visits regularly.

Sorting station

Anything can happen at festivals: heavy rain, violent gusts of wind, vandalism, camp chairs used as a dance floor. If something breaks beyond repair, it should not be left lying around on the campsite. Thanks to our sorting station, visitors have the opportunity to disassemble their broken tent and throw the materials on the appropriate pile.

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