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Our Story

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Our Story

When his favorite camping chair broke and he couldn’t buy a new one anywhere, founder Alon Elhanaty realized that something crucial was missing at festivals: a camping shop!

He decided that if nobody else was doing it, he would. With that idea in mind, Alon finally found a solution for another big problem he had been observing at festivals: the enormous amounts of left-behind camping equipment.

Worn out and tired, many festival visitors simply leave their tents and interior as trash. Alon understood that this was simply wrong, as the majority of the things were in perfect shape and could easily be reused.

How We Turned Our Idea Into A Business

In 2012, Alon started collecting abandoned camping equipment together with a couple of like-minded friends. They took a minivan, drove to Tomorrowland festival in Belgium and started selling the refurbished equipment to visitors at the entrance. They were sold out before the actual start of the festival.

With such great demand, selling the equipment would leave Alon with no stock at the end of each festival. So, he came up with the idea of renting it out.

Today, Utopia Camping has a 150 sqm storage room with thousands of items. We can accommodate up to 2,000 people with second-hand equipment, which can be rented via our easy to use booking system online and fully equipped on-site camping shop.

We still collect as well as directly buy from visitors who don’t want to take their gear back home. We are constantly developing new and creative solutions to tackle the waste at festivals: repairing equipment on the spot, sorting out materials from irreparable items, and creating new products from them.

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However, if you are still looking for more information than you can contact us through one of our preferred contact methods:
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Thank you for visiting www.utopia-camping.com.  The terms use as “we”, “us” and “our” refers to the Utopia Camping Solutions only.

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This privacy policy applies on to the information we collect through:

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Please note that you should be 18 or above to use the services of Utopia Camping Solutions.


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There are two types of information that we collect from you. One is done manually and the other one is done on an automatic basis. The data we collect manually include any personal information such as:

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  • The personal information is collected from users through information forms or contact us forms when the users submit their interest in Utopia Camping Solutions. Once the form is filled the user receives an email alert (notification).
  • Through the contact forms and any other information form that you fill on our website or through direct emails
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  • We may also collect and save your information when you raise a ticket to a certain issue or problem on our website.
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Utopia Camping Solutions is a Berlin-based company. It is important to understand that we do not gather or process any information related to children or underage people. We advise the underage people not to use the services of this website.

However, we try to scan for underage people and do not include them but if we do by mistake, we should not be held accountable for it as we are already not in favor of it and strictly restricts the admission, submission, and use of the website by children without any guardian’s assistance.

Utopia Camping Solutions process the information of users:

  • We collect the information of interested users through online information submission.
  • We do not sell the personal information of the users, the information provided by users are only processed so that Utopia Camping Solutions can send the ordered equipment to the users on their given address as per the scheduled date.
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  • The response of users (customers) are also processed with a purpose to monitor the overall engagement of the user on this site and report if something unusual happens. In most cases, spam users allocate bots to configure encrypted data from the site, to stop such activities that may harm the site of data of other users, a continuous evaluation of automatic data (such as IP Address and search history) is monitored.
  • We also use Google Analytics or other analytics information from the website which is used to make the services better for the users.
  • To send an invoice to the users for their purchase.


Retention period refers to the time period for which we keep your data stored on your servers. Utopia Camping Solutions removes the data of users “data subject” after a period of 10 years with a condition – inactiveness from the user.

Furthermore, if the user wants us to remove their data from our website and servers because they do not wish to use our services anymore, they can always contact us with their concerns at Info@utopia-camping.com and we will make sure to take care of any query or concern requested by the user.


We haven’t faced any data breach ever however we will report any unlawful data breach of this website’s database to all the relevant individuals and authorities within the prescribed time period of 72 hours, only if it is obvious that personal information or data stored in an identifiable manner has been stolen or breached.


Email preferences – We respect the privacy and personal choices of our users. As an individual user, you can always opt-out or unsubscribe at any time if you do not want to receive any promotional emails. We try to cater to the unsubscribe requests of our users in a timely and prompt manner. You can always click on the “unsubscribe link” in any of our emails do not receive any further emails in future. OR you can email us on info@utopia-camping.com.

*Right to Erasure – Users have the right to contact us if they want us to delete their information from our servers. If you are not comfortable with your data being stored with us, you can always send us a request to remove your personal information and we will erase it from our servers. Furthermore, you will not be able to sign-in or continue with using our services or products.

*Right to be informed – user’s right to know how we process your information/data.
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*Right to data portability – user’s right to receive the personal data which you have shared with us, in a structured and machine-readable format to transfer to another data controller with your own consent and/or under any binding contract.


Our data is kept safe on secure servers and database. However, it is an established fact that data over the internet is never safe. Therefore, Utopia Camping Solutions do not take any responsibility for the loss/stealing of data due to unethical hacking or the introduction of viruses into our systems.

We are liable to report such incidents to the relevant law enforcement authorities. If the user is found to be involved in any illegal activity through our forum, we will be liable to share the user’s data to the cyber crime authorities as well as other law-enforcement agencies as permitted by the new EU GDPR and German laws and regulations.


The contents of our pages have been created with the utmost care. However, we cannot guarantee the contents’ accuracy, completeness or topicality. According to statutory provisions, we are furthermore responsible for our own content on these web pages. In this context, please note that we are accordingly not obliged to monitor merely the transmitted or saved information of third parties, or investigate circumstances pointing to illegal activity.


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Our web pages and their contents are subject to German copyright law and EU General Data Protection Regulations. Unless expressly permitted by law, every form of utilizing, reproducing or processing works subject to copyright protection on our web pages requires the prior consent of the respective owner of the rights.


To ask any questions or submit any comments about this privacy policy and our privacy practices, please contact us at: info@utopia-camping.com

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Terms & Conditions


Thank you for visiting Utopia Camping Solutions. We provide delivery services of camping equipment to many of the largest festivals in Europe. On our online shop (available at utopia-camping.com and referred to here and in after as the “Website”) where we offer camping equipment for rent and sale.

Your acceptance and compliance are subject to the below mentioned terms and conditions thus we advise you to carefully read each and every clause and information provided on this page. By subscribing, acquiring or using any of the information or services hereby you agree to the terms and conditions explicitly stated in this document. You are free to express consent by your own free will and thereby your acceptance to any of the services is your own responsibility.

These Terms and Conditions (“T&C”) apply to your use of the Website and to rental or sale of equipment and related services we provide. If you do not agree to any of the information, clauses or terms stated herein you are requested to not use any of our services.

Please note that terms used as, “you” refers to the user, member or reader of the website whereas terms used as, “we”, “our”, and “us” refers to Utopia Camping Solutions and its affiliated partners.
Please note that the terms and conditions are written in compliance with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation.


This section highlights the services we provide and the orders you put in through our website. You may order equipment and services at least (5) days prior to the first day of the scheduled Rental Period (as defined below). After placing an order and receiving confirmation per email, our team will meet you on-site for you to pick up and return the equipment you have ordered from our website.

We do offer special equipment arrangements, thus if you need any special arrangements regarding delivery or otherwise, please email us your request to info@utopia-camping.com and we will make best efforts to meet your requirements.

Our equipment is stable, reliable and is perfect for all weathers.  It is always a good idea to check the equipment as you pick it up and to tell us if there is anything missing so that we can solve your concerns at that time.

We will keep the equipment for you up to 24 hours after the time of delivery as stated in the order. In case you still do not pick up the ordered equipment, we reserve the rights to release the items you ordered unless you have notified us at in that period of time, and upon our confirmation.


We have drafted our Terms and Conditions in compliance with German rules and regulations along with the General Data Protection Regulation. To use this website or information, you must be at least 18 years old or must be accessing this website under the supervision of an adult (parent or guardian). You are requested to not use this website if you are under the age of 18.

Our website offers its users a non-revocable certified license to use its services and the information provided on this website. However, your license subjects to your acceptance, understanding, and agreement to the terms and conditions mentioned here for shopping/buying/purchasing of any of the services or products offered on this site.


The content provided on this website in relation to services or products is solely for the purpose of information and product description. All the content and information provided about a particular product is for the awareness of the consumers so that they can select the camping equipment as per their needs.

The visual representation of the products may slightly vary in actual presentation due to photography, lighting effect and editing of pictures. Furthermore, any opinions, feedback, and reviews expressed or available on this website are by individual users or members only, and may not necessarily reflect or indicate the opinions of the website.


Everything that you share with us either through registration from or through comments, feedback, questions and emails (collectively all submissions) will automatically become the exclusive property of the website. It is important to note that all the information provided to us are used for official purposes only and to deliver the products ordered by you.

Also, we require you to provide us your valid information including name, email address, postal address and contact number for successful delivery of products and to avoid any inconvenience. We reserve the right to edit, modify and update your information on our website. Furthermore, you grant us the right to use your name and other details for delivery purposes. You must also agree that the name and contact information provided to us is accurate and not false or misleading in any way.


The user agrees and confirms not to modify, copy, reverse engineer, sell, share, distribute or disclose any of the information provided on this website. You can only reproduce and copy the information from this website after getting a written consent and permission from Utopia Camping Solutions. You will be held accountable for illegally copying or distributing any information without our expressed written consent. You are not permitted to copy any of the product pictures or trademarks from this website either.


As a user of this website, you have some ethical and professional codes of conduct and rules to follow in order to continue your use of this website.

  • You are advised to avoid using proxies on this website
  • You should not use any malware or hacking process to access the encrypted data on our website
  • You should only provide information that belongs to you
  • You are not authorized to copy or share any information/data from this website to any other
  • You are required to not violate any of the terms and conditions mentioned herein
  •  You are advised not to use any harsh, defaming or abusive language with our customer support.
  • You should not misuse the equipment or alter/damage it in any way
  • You should respect our customer support team and avoid to indulge into abusive behavior
  • We treat our customers with utmost respect and expect the same in return.


We expect you to return the equipment at a time and place specified in the order or in follow-up communications (usually it is the same meeting point where you picked it up) and in the same condition as received, with any damage to the equipment. You will be charged if any damage to the equipment was found, please know that you will be asked to pay the damage cost.

The return must be made personally by you as the person whose name is indicated in the order documentation unless otherwise agreed between the parties and upon approval by Utopia Camping in writing. Rental prices are calculated according to the number of nights of the festival/event (“Rental Period”) and the value of the rented equipment.

Rental prices may vary between festivals/events while considering travel distance, staffing needs, and other cost factors. The scope of services and prices is determined according to the details provided over the Website and subject to special terms and discounts at the discretion of Utopia Camping for an individual order and as confirmed by us writing.

You may cancel your order at any time prior to the beginning of the Rental Period, whereupon we will apply our refund schedule, as follows:
A full refund will be made if notified before 14 days of the festival date,

  • 50% will be refunded if notified between the period of 7-14 days,
  • 20% will be refunded if notified between the period of 3-7 days and
  • No refund will be made if notified <3 days before the festival date

To cancel your order, you must notify us as early as possible, preferably by email. The cancellation is considered as received upon Utopia Camping Solutions sending you a written confirmation per email stating the acceptance of cancellation and the applicable cancellation date (date in which we receive your notification).

Any bank charges, transfer fees or currency conversion costs will be borne by you in case of cancellation. We will deduct such fees from the refunded amount. Utopia Camping Solutions generally do not refund for cancellation due to a cancellation of the event/festival by its organizers, inasmuch as notification of cancellation is not received and confirmed by us fourteen (14) days or earlier before the first day of the Rental Period.

However, Utopia Camping may, at its sole discretion, partly refund you in case of event cancellation received later at a rate of up to 50% of the payment already extended by you. We reserve the right to cancel the order for any reason and for no reason within a fourteen (14) calendar days’ notice per email from the first day of the Rental Period. In such a case, we will refund you with all payments made by you in full.


We will ask you to leave with us a deposit that we calculate based on the total order amount. You pay the deposit online when placing an order. When renting equipment at the festival site then you can pay in cash ONLY. We will return the deposit amount to you in the same way it was paid. Please note, we take a deposit on each booking made online or on-site (at an office), we charge 30% of the total amount.

We will return the full deposit amount to you at the end of the Rental Period, provided, however, that you return all items timely and in proper condition. If paid by you per credit card (via PayPal), bitcoin transfer or PayPal, we will transfer that deposit back to your account within fourteen (14) business days after the end of the Rental Period.

In case of damage to the equipment you return or loss of equipment, we will deduct the applicable amount from the deposit according to the type of damage and the value of the damaged item/s. A deduction may range between 30% to 100% of the value of the damaged/lost item or the deposit amount, whichever is greater.

If the deposit amount does not cover the damage to our property, we reserve the right to claim the difference from you. In case of deduction, we will notify you per email and on-site (if feasible) while providing you with the details and the calculation of deduction. In case you do not dispute the deduction in writing within seven (7) days of notice, this will be considered as your consent to the deduction as calculated by us without reservations.


We hold intellectual property rights against all the information and content available on this website under German laws and regulations along with international conventions.  Furthermore, trademarks, logos and brand names of products are the sole property of the associated brands and users do not hold the right to use any of the trademarks from this website without our explicit written consent. The intellectual copyrights of this website including but not limited to graphics, picture, logos, content, trademarks, and source codes. All rights are reserved under our registered company name Utopia Camping Solutions.

Liability for Contents

We have prepared the contents of our website with the greatest of care. However, we can accept no liability for the accuracy, completeness, and up-to-date nature of the contents. We are not obliged to monitor any outside information transmitted or stored, or to research any circumstances which indicate that an unlawful act has taken place.

Any obligations to remove or block the use of information according to generally-accepted legislation shall remain unaffected by this. Any liability in this respect, however, only applies from the point in time when the awareness of a concrete violation has become possible. If we find that there have been infringements, then we will remove the offending contents immediately.


This website may contain some third-party links within its content. However, we will not take any responsibility for the information or content provided on any of the third-party websites and you will take the sole responsibility of using their services. Utopia Camping Solutions will not be held accountable for any fraud or misuse that may occur to you upon using third-party links or websites.

Furthermore, we do not sell or disclose the personal data of our users/consumers with any third-party.


Utopia Camping Solutions assumes no liability for direct and indirect damages to you as a result of using the equipment to the maximum degree allowed under the applicable law, with the exception of intentional misconduct and gross negligence, as well as personal injury or death. Utopia Camping Solutions shall not be held liable for any loss or damage to personal property stored by you or any other person within/on the rental equipment. This includes items inside tents, on tables, in campsite areas or in the Utopia Camping shop location.

Utopia Camping Solutions is not liable for any direct or indirect damages in cases of events not within its knowledge and/or control, including actions by third parties and force majeure such as weather conditions, natural disasters, political instability, wars or terror attacks.


You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Utopia Camping Solutions and its affiliates and each of their independent contractors, from any and all claims, actions, demands, liabilities, proceedings, judgments, fines, damages, costs, and expenses that may arise out of non-compliance to terms and conditions, obligation or any agreement made.


The Utopia Camping Solutions and all other features on the Service are provided to you “as is” and “as available” without warranty of any kind with respect to the Utopia Camping Solutions and/or content, either express or implied, including but not limited to, fitness for a particular purpose, title, or non- infringement.

Should applicable law not permit the foregoing exclusion of express or implied warranties, then Utopia Camping Solutions hereby grants the minimum express or implied warranty required by such applicable law. No advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained by you from Utopia Camping Solutions, its employees, agents, suppliers, or any other persons will create any warranty, representation or guarantee not expressly stated in this section.

Additionally, Utopia Camping Solutions does not make any warranties that the service will be uninterrupted, secure or error-free or that your use of the service will meet your expectations, or that the Utopia Camping Solutions, its content, or any portion thereof, is correct, accurate, or reliable. Utopia Camping Solutions reserves the right to change any part of the Utopia Camping Solutions mobile app at any time without notice.


We reserve the right to update, modify or change our Terms and Conditions at any time without any prior notice. We recommend you to visit our Terms and Conditions page periodically to stay up-to-date with the changes made if any.


To ask any questions or submit any comments about these terms and conditions, please contact us at: info@utopia-camping.com

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Denkt daran, dass wir gebrauchte Ausrüstung vermieten. Deshalb ist der Artikel in verschiedenen Ausführungen oder Formen erhältlich (abhängig davon, was wir auf Lager haben)